Augmented Reallity GPS Compass Map 3D

Augmented Reallity GPS Compass Map 3D displays a 3D compass that gets blended into the camera image. Your current location from GPS is shown on a separate map of adjustable size.
Unlike most other apps, the compass uses a very effective fusion and filtering algorithm to combine the values of the magnetic field sensor, the accelerometer and the gyroscope (if installed in your device) to achieve a maximum in precision and stability.

A magnetic field strength warning indicates the possible influence of metallic objects or power-lines.

You can define your own waypoints. In this case a green arrow on top of the compass always points towards the selected waypoint. (Geocaching is really fun with it :-))
New waypoints can be defined by a long-click on the map, by specifying latitude and longitude, or by specifying distance and heading from an existing waypoint. You can also share your current location and the locations of your waypoints with your friends. On devices with LG’s Real3D technology (e.g. the LG P920 Optimus 3D or the LG P720 Optimus 3D Max), the app features a 3D stereoscopic view of the compass and the camera image.

Features (Free-Version)

  • Augmented Reality display
  • High precision and stability (special filter algorithm)
  • Map with GPS Location
  • Displays GPS information
  • Measure the height of large objects
  • Measure magnetic field strength (metal detector)
  • Magnetic field strength warning (indicates magnetic influences)
  • Geocaching: Easily define and find waypoints
  • Share waypoints or your current location with other users
  • Define waypoints by specifying latitude / longitude in various formats
  • Define waypoints by a long-press on the map
  • Define waypoints by specifying distance and bearing
  • Real3D support!

Exclusively in the Pro-Version

  • Rotating map
  • Calibration of the accelerometer
  • Experts-calibration for the compass using deviation tables
  • 100% Ad-Free!